Looking For A Great Place to Work?

As a division of Pearson Education, Adobe Press (an imprint of Peachpit) is able to offer its employees a comprehensive benefits package and other advantages that come with a connection to a large, well-established company.

At the same time, in part due to our geographical separation from the rest of Pearson, we have our own distinct culture and quite a bit of freedom to organize ourselves as we like. We recognize the value of a flexible structure. We also freely share information among employees. Our full staff meets once each month for open discussions in which we share ideas and speak what's on our minds. Our office has an open architecture and lots of artwork. Our hiring committees always include a couple of people chosen at random from the staff.

The Peachpit community extends far beyond the walls of our office here in Berkeley to include our authors, outside designers and editors, customers, and readers. If you'd like to find out more about opportunities to work as a freelancer, on contract, on a temporary basis, or as a permanent employee, contact Sheila Sugrue.