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Top 10 Fireworks Public Beta Features

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The Fireworks public beta offers mind-blowing new features and some great improvements over previous Fireworks versions. Jim Babbage escorts us through his 10 faves.

Have you ever been dragging something around the canvas and wondered exactly where it was in terms of pixel location? Wonder no longer. Tool tips (also activated from the View menu) give you live x and y pixel coordinates of an object as you reposition it (see Figure 5). The distances are based on the upper-left corner of the object. This information is available for any type of object—bitmap, vector, text, web slices, and even hotspots.

But Fireworks doesn't stop there. Select almost any creation tool (vector shapes, marquee, slice, line, and crop tools) in the toolbar, and the x/y coordinates of your cursor appear as soon as your mouse pointer hits the canvas.

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