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Top 10 Fireworks Public Beta Features

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The Fireworks public beta offers mind-blowing new features and some great improvements over previous Fireworks versions. Jim Babbage escorts us through his 10 faves.

This long-awaited and requested feature in Fireworks is now a reality! Exporting to PDF presents a new delivery mechanism to get designs to the client, and gets around the printing issues that have always plagued Fireworks.

You can export a static single or multi-page PDF file or an interactive, multi-page PDF file. It's as simple as choosing File > Export and selecting Adobe PDF as your export format (see Figure 16).

To add interactivity to the PDF, simply use hotspots or button symbols in Fireworks, set each interactive element to link to one of the pages within your Fireworks PNG file or to an absolute URL, and then export your file (see Figure 17).

Sending clients a PDF makes it easy for them to print designs for hardcopy review. Keep in mind, though, that unless you set the proper PPI at the time you create your document, the client could very well be printing a file based on 72 ppi.

When you export your design as a PDF, you gain access to several PDF options, such as Adobe Reader compatibility; image compression; and security features for opening, editing, or printing the file (see Figure 18).

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