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Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools in After Effects CS3

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Pull, squash, stretch, and otherwise deform objects onscreen using the After Effect CS3 Puppet tools. Whether you're creating realistic animations, fantastic scenarios, or modern art, the Adobe Creative Team shows you how the Puppet tools can expand your creative freedom.

Extra Credit: Smoothing Motion

The character in this animation walks, but his movement is a little stiff. You can make movement flow more naturally by using the Easy Ease and roving keyframe features. The Easy Ease In, Easy Ease Out, and Easy Ease options adjust the speed of an object. Roving keyframes create smooth movement across several keyframes at once. They're not linked to a specific time; their speed and timing are determined by the keyframes near them. To create a roving keyframe, select the keyframe, and then select Rove Across Time in the keyframe menu.

To smooth the character's movement, use Easy Ease and roving keyframes. You can experiment with the features, but start by trying to make your keyframes match those in Figure 19.

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