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How to Select and Edit Paths in Illustrator CS3

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Build your Illustrator expertise one technique at a time as authors David Karlins and Bruce Hopkins show you the best ways to select and edit paths.

#40 Distorting with Envelopes

A quick, easy, and fun way to edit paths is to place an object in an envelope. Visualize an elephant stuffed into a triangle. Ouch! It may be better to visualize something more humane and less painful. The point is you can distort any object to fit into an outline created by a second object. That second object is the envelope (Figure 40a).

Figure 40a

Figure 40a An envelope and an enveloped object.

Choose Object > Envelope Distort to access three types of distortion. Use Make with Warp to apply preset warps. Meshes are grids with editable anchors that define how colors merge and blend within the mesh.

To use your own, custom-designed envelope, select two objects, with the object that will be the envelope on top of the object to be distorted. Then choose Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Top Object.

To release a warp into its two components (the warp shape and the warped object), choose Object > Envelope Distort > Release (Figure 40b).

Figure 40b

Figure 40b Releasing an object from an envelope.

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