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How to Select and Edit Paths in Illustrator CS3

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Build your Illustrator expertise one technique at a time as authors David Karlins and Bruce Hopkins show you the best ways to select and edit paths.

#31 Defining, Selecting, and Isolating Groups

Because Illustrator documents can become overloaded with paths, it is often useful to group objects. Groups can be resized and rotated. You can edit the stroke and fill of groups. For example, if 30 objects are grouped and you change the fill color of the group, the fill color of every object within the group changes.

To group objects, select them using the Selection or Lasso tool and choose Object > Group. You can nest groups by combining several groups into another group. To ungroup objects, select the group and choose Object > Ungroup.

Selecting and editing elements within a group has always been something of a hassle. Illustrator now makes that process a little more intuitive. With a group selected, click the Isolate Selected Group tool in the Control panel. With the group isolated, you are prevented from editing any other elements on the page, but you can select any element within the group the way you normally would using the various selection tools (Figure 31).

Figure 31

Figure 31 Isolating a group.

You can unisolate a group by double-clicking outside the group.

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