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Using Contribute 2

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Let's face it: Avoiding the Web Development team is a prime goal in publishing and updating Web pages. Learn here how Macromedia Contribute 2 makes it easier than ever to do these tasks yourself.

Adding Shopping Cart Functionality to Your Site

When your home bonsai tree business is all set up, pull out that dusty PayPal account you created for eBay power-selling three years ago and choose Insert > PayPal > Add to Cart. This gives you another dialog box for popping in your account information; once that's done, your customers can send you money (see Figure 14)!

Figure 14Figure 14 A plethora of options are available for adding shopping cart functionality to your soon-to-be-successful bonsai tree site.

The addition of PayPal support in Contribute 2 does not guarantee that you will make money. It simply offers hope. It's up to you to make your business prosperous. So maybe before you get in too deep, you should consider picking up a copy of Bonsai Tree-Selling for Dummies.

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