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10 Minutes with Flash: Repeating History through Commands

Article Description

In this second installment of the "10 Minutes with Flash" series, Robert Hoekman, Jr. shows you how reliving the past can help you automate your life. Get your groove on with History and Commands.

The Catch

So now the light bulb is going on, right? You're thinking "Ahhhh...JSFL rocks." Well, before you get too excited about it, you should know that there is, as always, a small caveat. There are several things Flash can't save as Commands, and each of those items are indicated in the History panel by a small red X next the icon for the step. For example, the History panel cannot save frame selections in the Timeline. As in, if you think you're going to create a little text effect and save it as a command, you'd be wrong. The History panel will show you the selection of a frame in its list, but it can't save that selection as part of the Command. If you create a shape tween and attempt to save the steps as a Command, you will see the error message shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6Figure 6 You've made a grievous error. That'll teach you.

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