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How to Use Lightroom's Catalog Export and Import Features


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  8. Limitations When Excluding Negatives
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Article Description

Martin Evening shows step by step how to import/export Lightroom catalogs from one computer to another (for instance, from a desktop computer to a laptop and vice versa).

Limitations When Excluding Negatives

As I mentioned previously, you’ll encounter certain limitations when working with a catalog that has been exported without including the negatives. While you can edit most of the informational metadata, export the edited catalog, and re-import the information back into the main computer, that’s about all you can do:

  • The Folders panel displays the catalog folders in red because the links to the master folders are broken (see Figure 11).
  • The Develop module is accessible but inoperative. You can see which develop settings have been used, but that’s all.
  • You can use the Slideshow module to run slideshows (provided that the pre-rendered previews are good enough).
  • You can use the Web module to generate web galleries. However, the Web module will constantly remind you that the "best-available previews" are being used in place of the original masters. To be honest, this isn’t always likely to be a problem—and it may make you long for a similar draft mode option in the normal catalog mode!
  • With the Print module, you’ll be able to make draft mode prints (depending on the quality of the pre-rendered previews).
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