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"Harry Potter" Typesetter Waves His Wand Over QuarkXPress 7 H&Js

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At the request of Quark, renowned typesetter Brad Walrod has recommended new default hyphen and justification settings for QuarkXPress 7. For the first time, you're no longer forced to conjure up your own settings. Kelly Kordes Anton shows you that your bag of tricks now serves up six default H&Js that work their magic on your columns of copy.

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It’s the rare QuarkXPress user who is starting every project from scratch. Most of us are dealing with files born in version 3 and updated through the ages.

To take advantage of the new default H&Js in your existing project files, use the Append feature. Choose File > Append or click the Append button in the H&Js dialog box (Edit menu). Select a project file initiated in QuarkXPress 7, and then ship its new H&Js on over to your old project file. (Be sure to include Standard, and click Use New when the Conflict alert displays, if you want to take advantage of enhancements to Standard as well.)

If you’re working with old files all the time, you may need to create and save a new, empty project file that serves no other purpose than being a source for the new H&Js.

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