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How to Produce a PDF Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat 9

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Author Donna Baker explains how to use Adobe Acrobat 9's new Portfolio feature to bring your content together into one portable, customizable, well-organized package.

#27 Branding a PDF Portfolio

A PDF portfolio offers numerous ways in which to customize the display in accordance with your corporate or business requirements. You can construct a welcome page using different types of content, and insert a header that offers different text and image options. If branding is vital, use both a welcome page (as the initial introduction) and a header (to maintain your identity as the user navigates through the portfolio).

A welcome page introduces your portfolio. In some cases, there's no need to include an introduction. However, if you are designing a PDF brochure for your mountain resort, or want to include a list of instructions for participants in a shared portfolio, turn to a welcome page.

With your portfolio under way, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Welcome & Header bar to display the pane. Click Welcome Page to open a list of options, including Text Only, Image Only, Image & Text, or Flash Movie content.
  2. Choose an option to display the appropriate text or graphic frames on the preview area, and resize them as desired.
  3. Insert text or an image in the frames accordingly:
    • To insert an image, click the image frame to open the Browse for Image dialog. Locate and select the image to display, and click Open. The image is inserted, the dialog closes, and the Image toolbar is activated. On the toolbar, select a background color, and set the Scale and Opacity values by dragging the sliders.
    • Click the Text field and type in your text. When you input text, the Text toolbar—which lets you specify font size, color, alignment, and background color—displays. If you want to use different font styles, such as the underline shown in Figure 27a, select the text on the text frame first.
      Figure 27a

      Figure 27a Select options, and configure text and an image for the welcome page.

Maintain your identity by using a header that displays at the top of your portfolio by following these steps:

  1. Click the Add Welcome & Header bar to display the pane. Click Header to open a list of options, including text and image options.
  2. Select the option for the text you want, such as an e-mail address or URL.
  3. Insert an image if you've selected an image option; insert and configure text in the fields inserted on the page.
  4. Click Home ch04-home.jpg to return to the default mode, where you see your header displayed above the presentation content (Figure 27b).
    Figure 27b

    Figure 27b Use combinations of image and text displays for the portfolio header.

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