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How to Produce a PDF Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat 9

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Author Donna Baker explains how to use Adobe Acrobat 9's new Portfolio feature to bring your content together into one portable, customizable, well-organized package.

#28 Organizing and Modifying Contents

One important feature of Portfolio is the ability to arrange the files in logical and meaningful ways. You can coordinate the portfolio files using a folder system, organize and sort the file details, and view an individual file to manage its content.

Here are some tips for organizing your Portfolio component files:

  • If you import a folder, its contents—including any subfolders—are preserved in the portfolio.
  • You can't select more than one folder at a time from the Browse for Folder dialog to add them to the portfolio. Either locate and select the parent folder (and then delete any subfolders you don't want to maintain), or repeat the Browse for Folder process until you have the folders you want.
  • The folder hierarchy in a portfolio is shown as a breadcrumb menu (Figure 28a). In the example shown in the figure, there are three nested levels of folders from the Home mode.
    Figure 28a

    Figure 28a Use the menu to move through folder levels.

Acrobat Portfolio lets you manage existing information about each component of the portfolio and add custom data. To check details, click the Specify File Details bar in the Edit pane. You'll see the Columns to Display settings in the Edit pane, and the folders listed in Details mode (Figure 28b).

Figure 28b

Figure 28b Edit content using Details mode.

Keep these ideas in mind as you organize, sort, and rearrange columns and data:

  • You can choose the settings in the Edit pane, or directly on the list in Details mode. Changes made in one area automatically display in the other.
  • Drag the vertical separator between columns in Details mode to change a column's width.
  • To sort the contents, choose a column name from the Initial Sort pop-up menu. You can sort by any of the active columns in Ascending ch04-up.jpg or Descending ch04-down.jpg order.
  • To add content or change values, such as a file's name, click the label in Details mode and type the new value when the text is activated.
  • Select the check boxes for each column you want to display—deselect those you don't want to use.
  • Custom columns can be configured and used in the same ways as the default columns; read how in the sidebar "Add Your Own Columns."
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