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Library Module Organization in Lightroom 2

Chapter Description

Learn how to organize and access your images in Lightroom, including how to use Lightroom Catalogs, Folders, Collections, Filters, Image Sorting, and Renaming. These techniques will help you not only to become more organized, but also to be more creative as you find you have more time on your hands to make images.

#29 Modifying Catalog Preferences

In the previous technique, we discussed the value of catalogs. Before you begin working in Lightroom, it is important to set up a Backup option in Catalog Settings that fits your needs. To open the dialog (Figure 29a), on a PC select Edit > Catalog Settings, and on a Mac select Lightroom > Catalog Settings. The General settings are divided into three sections: Information, Backup, and Optimize.

Figure 29a

Figure 29a The Last Backup and Last Optimized settings are the most important aspects of the Lightroom Catalog preferences.

In the Information section you'll find details such as the location, file name, date created, last backup, last optimized, and file size. It is helpful to view this information so that you know a bit about the catalog you're using and about how recently it has been optimized and backed up.

In the backup section, click the pull-down menu to choose how frequently the catalog gets backed up (Figure 29b). Choose the option that best suits your needs, based on how often you use Lightroom and how important preserving your work is. The more regularly you use Lightroom and the more essential your work, the more frequently you will want to back up the catalog.

Figure 29b

Figure 29b Choose a backup option that reflects your use of Lightroom.

In the Optimize section you will find some information on ways to improve Lightroom performance. If you experience any program performance issues, navigate to this preference and choose Relaunch and Optimize.

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