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Positioning Flash CS4 Objects in 3D Space

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What’s so cool about Flash CS4? You can now position and animate objects in real 3D space. The Adobe Creative Team demonstrates how to use the following special Flash tools for accurate 3D positioning: the 3D Rotation tool, the 3D Translation tool, and the Transform panel.

Resetting Rotation and Position

If you've made a mistake in your 3D transformations and want to reset the position and rotation of your instance, you can use the Transform panel.

  1. Choose the Selection tool and select the instance that you want to reset.
  2. Open the Transform panel by choosing Window > Transform. The Transform panel shows all the values for the x, y, and z angles and positions.
  3. Click the Remove Transform button in the lower-right corner of the Transform panel (see Figure 11). The selected instance returns to its original settings.
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