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Exploring the InDesign CS4 Workspace

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The intuitive InDesign CS4 interface makes it easy to create compelling print and interactive pages. The Adobe Creative Team introduces you to working with the InDesign workspace and its various panels and tools.

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Saving a Custom Workspace

A workspace is a configuration of panels and menus. InDesign features a variety of default workspaces for special purposes, such as Books, Printing and Proofing, and Typography. You cannot modify the default workspaces, but you can save your own. In this exercise, you'll save the customizations performed in the previous exercises.

  1. Choose Window > Workspace > New Workspace.
  2. In the New Workspace dialog box, type Swatches and Styles in the Name box (see Figure 24). If necessary, select Panel Locations and Menu Customization. Click OK.
  3. Choose Window > Workspace to see that your custom workspace is selected. Choose each of the other workspaces to see the various default configurations. Click the menus in addition to looking at the panels; workspace-specific features are highlighted.
  4. Choose Window > Workspace > [Advanced] to return to the Advanced workspace.
  5. If you want to delete the custom workspace, choose Window > Workspace > Delete Workspace. Select Swatches and Styles from the Name menu and click Delete.
  6. Choose Window > Workspace > Reset Advanced to return to the default configuration.