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Working with Pages in Fireworks


  1. Working with the Pages Panel
  2. Working with Master Pages
  3. Sharing Layers Across Pages

Article Description

One time-saving feature that makes Fireworks efficient for web design is the concept of creating web pages as, well, pages. Jim Babbage discusses how to use pages to simplify site building.

Sharing Layers Across Pages

The pages and layers features of Fireworks add a great deal of time-saving functionality to your workflow. Picture a design with identical navigation on each page. Any time you need to update the navigation (changing its location or objects, for example), you would have to perform the same actions on each page. Rather than waste time doing this, consider placing these objects in the same layer and sharing this layer with other pages. When you share layers across pages, any change made in the layer will be reflected on all the sharing pages.

To share a layer, select it in the Layers panel and choose Share Layer to Pages from the Layers panel options. The resulting dialog box (shown in Figure 3) displays two lists of pages. On the left are all the pages not yet sharing the layer; on the right are the sharing pages. Simply select the desired page(s) on the left and click the Add button to enable sharing of all the elements in that specific layer. To remove a page from sharing, select it on the right and click Remove. Click OK when you're done making changes.

Figure 3

Figure 3 The Share Layers to Pages dialog box lets you share or remove sharing of a layer to any Fireworks page in the current document, giving you more specific control than you would have if the layer was placed on the master page.