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Adobe Fireworks CS4 How Tos: Staying on the (Vector) Path

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By combining paths and points, a computer can draw almost any shape using vector tools like those found in Fireworks and other vector-based applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Jim Babbage explains.

#32 Understanding the Transform Tools

Once you’ve drawn a shape, chances are you’ll want to change its size or shape. You can do this in a basic manner by using the Transform tools in the Tools panel. The Transform tools consist of Scale, Skew, Distort, and the new 9-Slice Scaling tool (Figure 32). The Transform tools work just as easily on bitmap images.

Figure 32

Figure 32 Added to the Transform tool set is the 9-Slice Scaling Transform tool.

For more custom changes to paths, you’ll want to work with the Pen tool and the Subselection tool (see Techniques #36 and #37).

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