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Adobe Fireworks CS4 How Tos: Staying on the (Vector) Path

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By combining paths and points, a computer can draw almost any shape using vector tools like those found in Fireworks and other vector-based applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Jim Babbage explains.

#33 Using the Transform Tools

The Scale tool enlarges or reduces a selected object (proportionately, if dragged from a corner).

The Skew tool acts like a perspective tool if you drag the object (bitmap or vector) from a corner, or it skews the image if you drag from a center control handle. In both cases, two control points are affected at the same time.

The Distort tool only drags one corner at a time. You can have a lot of fun with this tool, as evidenced in Figure 33a. Using Distort, you can create a forced perspective not only on a vector shape, but also on type!

  1. Select a shape (the rectangle shape from Technique #31 is a fine image to work with) and choose the Distort tool (press Q on the keyboard to toggle through the Transform tools).

    Notice the black bounding box that appears around the object.

  2. Drag from a corner to pull the shape’s corner with the cursor.
  3. Drag the bottom-right corner down and the bottom-left corner upward to get a shape similar to the figure shown.
  4. Double-click to commit the changes.
  5. Select a fairly bold font and type a word.
  6. Adjust the font size as desired, and then go back to the Distort tool.
  7. Drag the bottom-right corner down as you did with the shape. You may want to drag the bottom-left corner up a bit to force the perspective even more.

    Despite the distortion, the text remains editable (Figure 33b).

Figure 33a

Figure 33a The Distort tool can create exaggerated perspective in a vector or a bitmap.

Figure 33b

Figure 33b Text can also be distorted and remain editable.

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