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Working with Bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat 9


  1. Adding a Bookmark
  2. Changing a Bookmark's Destination
  3. Other Ways of Creating Bookmarks
  4. Moving Bookmarks

Article Description

Getting around in a huge PDF document can take a lot of time. The Adobe Creative Team shows how to speed things up by using the bookmark feature in Acrobat 9 to create and organize bookmarks that give you quick-click access to the page you want.

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Other Ways of Creating Bookmarks

You can add your own custom bookmarks and links to any PDF document by using the tools in Acrobat. Here are some methods for adding new bookmarks.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Acrobat commands can be executed using keyboard shortcuts. You can create a bookmark by using the keyboard shortcut for the New Bookmarks command.

  1. To create a new bookmark by using a keyboard shortcut, press Ctrl-B (Windows) or Command-B (Mac OS), and then name the bookmark. Click outside the bookmark to deselect it.
  2. In the document window, navigate to the page that you want to link with the bookmark.
  3. With the newly created bookmark selected in the Bookmarks panel, choose Set Bookmark Destination from the Options menu in the Bookmarks panel.

Automatically Setting the Correct Link

You can create, name, and automatically link a bookmark by selecting text in the document pane.

  1. Set the magnification of the page at the required level. Whatever magnification you use will be inherited by the bookmark.
  2. Click the Select tool in the toolbar.
  3. Move the I-beam pointer into the document page, and drag to highlight the text that you want to use as your bookmark.
  4. Click the New Bookmark icon at the top of the Bookmarks panel. A new bookmark is created in the Bookmarks list, and the highlighted text from the document pane is used as the bookmark name. By default, the new bookmark links to the current page view displayed in the document window.
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