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Adobe Acrobat 9 How-To #57: Editing Text and Modifying Attributes


  1. Tips for Tranquil Text Tweaking
  2. Copy That

Article Description

The TouchUp Text tool in Acrobat 9 is designed for making quick textual and formatting changes in a document. Donna L. Baker walks us through the process of using the TouchUp Text tool.

Copy That

The better you understand some of the intricacies of text selection, the faster you can get your work done. Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose Edit > Preferences > General (Mac: Acrobat > Preferences > General) and click Make Hand Tool Select Text and Images. This way, when you position the pointer over text in a document, it automatically works as the Select tool.
  • If you're copying and pasting text and intend to send it to other people, be aware that unless a recipient's computer has the same font, it can't be preserved. Acrobat replaces that font with the closest match.
  • When a document is tagged, you can use the Copy with Formatting option. This option is especially useful if the document contains columns.
  • If you can't copy text, check to see whether the document has security settings. The author may have specified that copying be restricted.