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Adobe Acrobat 9 How-To #109: Commenting and Measuring on a PDF Map


  1. Marking a Map
  2. Searching for Coordinates
  3. Building a PDF Map

Article Description

Acrobat 9 Pro Extended (Windows) allows you to mark geographic locations, search for a map location, and add measurement markups on maps with embedded georeference data. Donna L. Baker discusses this powerful new feature.

Building a PDF Map

With Acrobat Pro Extended (Windows), you can import a map image and create geospatially enabled PDFs. You can georegister a map by using its boundary coordinates and the projection scale on which the map is based.

  1. Select the Geospatial Registration tool on the Analysis toolbar, and right-click an area on the map to start the Geospatial Registration wizard. Type a name for the map and click Next.
  2. Define the neatline (boundaries) for the map you want to produce. Click at each of four corners to add an indicator, and continue to draw the shape. Double-click to end the neatline. To use the entire page, select Use Page Bounds as Neatline.
  3. The Input Registration Points screen of the wizard opens automatically. Click a point on your neatline and type the latitude and longitude values in the Input Points fields for the point. Repeat for the other three boundary points. Click Next.
  4. Select a registration system from the drop-down list, and specify default units of measure.
  5. Click OK to move to the end of the wizard. The Geospatial Location tool and Measurement tool are now enabled to interact with geospatial content in the document.