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Adding Signatures and Security in Adobe Acrobat 9

Article Description

In this step-by-step exercise, the Adobe Creative Team shows how to work with digital signatures, certification, and password protection in Acrobat 9 documents.

Looking at Security Settings

As you have seen, you can digitally sign a document or certify a document to attest to the contents of the document at the time of signing or certification. There are times, however, when you simply want to restrict access to a document. You can do this by adding security to your Adobe PDF files.

  1. Choose File > Open, and open the Secure_Survey.pdf file in the Lesson08 folder.

    When you open a document that has restricted access or some type of security applied to it, you'll see a Security Settings icon to the left of the document window (see Figure 17).

  2. Click the Sign button on the Tasks toolbar, and notice that the commands are dimmed.
  3. Choose Tools > Comment & Markup, and again notice that the commenting and text markup tools are unavailable.
  4. Click the Security Settings icon in the navigation pane to view the security setting. Click the Permission Details link to view more detail.

    The dialog box lists the actions that are allowed and not allowed. As you read down the list, you'll see that signing and commenting are not allowed, which is why the related tools are dimmed (see Figure 18).

  5. When you have finished reviewing the information, click Cancel to close the Document Properties dialog box.
  6. Choose File > Close to close the Secure_Survey.pdf file.
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