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Adobe Acrobat 9 How-To #10: Using PDFMaker in Microsoft Word

Article Description

Acrobat 9 works directly with Microsoft Word to make quick PDFs from Word documents. The default settings in the PDFMaker probably will be fine for many conversions, but you may want to customize some of the settings for your specific word processing needs. Donna L. Baker points out useful options for handling bookmarks, links, and other Word specialties.

Application Settings for Conversions

The lower part of the Settings dialog box varies according to the PDFMaker; most programs include the following options for Application Settings:

  • Select "Attach source file" to attach the source file automatically to the converted PDF document.
  • The "Create bookmarks" option converts elements such as headings in Word, worksheet names in Excel, and slide titles in PowerPoint to PDF bookmarks.
  • The "Add links" option converts active links and hypertext in the document to PDF links.
  • The "Enable accessibility and reflow with tagged Adobe PDF" option embeds specialized tags in the file used by devices such as screen readers to control how the document is described and read.