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Repairing and Retouching Images in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Article Description

Learn how to use the Straighten tool, remove red eyes in the Organizer, retouch skin with the Healing Brush tool, repair creases with the Clone Stamp tool, use the Selection Brush tool and mask parts of an image.

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Lesson Overview

Sometimes you may need to deal with image flaws other than color or exposure problems. You may have an antique photograph that is damaged or a scanned image with dust and scratches. Your photo may be tilted or spoilt by red eye effect or spots and blemishes on a person’s skin.

In this lesson, you’ll learn some techniques for repairing and retouching flawed images:

  • Using the Straighten tool
  • Removing red eyes in the Organizer
  • Retouching skin with the Healing Brush tool
  • Repairing creases with the Clone Stamp tool
  • Using the Selection Brush tool
  • Masking parts of an image

You’ll probably need between one and two hours to complete this lesson.

Getting started

The lesson includes four independent exercises—you can do them all at once or in separate work sessions. The first three projects vary only slightly in length and complexity, while the fourth is a little more involved. For the exercises in this lesson you’ll use photos from the CIB Catalog you created in the “Getting Started” section at the beginning of this book.

  1. Start Photoshop Elements and click the Organize button in the Welcome Screen.

    The name of the currently active catalog is displayed in the lower left corner of the Organizer window.

    If the CIB Catalog is already open, you can skip ahead to step 3. If the CIB Catalog is not already open, complete step 2 first.

  2. Choose File > Catalog. In the Catalog Manager dialog box, select the CIB Catalog and click Open.

    If you don’t see the CIB Catalog file listed, you should review the procedures in “Getting Started” at he beginning of this book. See “Copying the Lessons files from the CD” on page 2, and “Creating a catalog” on page 3.

  3. In the Keyword Tags palette, click the Find box next to the Lesson 8 keyword tag. Click to select the file 08_01.jpg in the Photo Browser. If you don’t see the filenames below the thumbnails in the Photo Browser, choose View > Show File Names.
  4. In the Organizer, click the Editor button (edit_button.jpg) near the top right corner of the workspace window and choose Full Edit from the menu. The photo 08_01.jpg opens in the Editor.

    As you can see, the picture is not exactly horizontal. When you’re taking a photo it’s easy to be distracted or rushed by awkward shooting conditions or the need to focus your attention on live subjects and the result is often an image that would be just fine—if only it were straight!

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