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Repairing and Retouching Images in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

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Learn how to use the Straighten tool, remove red eyes in the Organizer, retouch skin with the Healing Brush tool, repair creases with the Clone Stamp tool, use the Selection Brush tool and mask parts of an image.

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Using the Straighten tool

With the Straighten tool you can manually specify a line in a tilted image that should be horizontal or vertical and Photoshop will straighten the image accordingly.

  1. In the toolbox, select the Straighten tool (straighten-tool.jpg).
  2. For this image, the horizon is visible and can be used as a natural reference. With the Straighten tool, drag a line along the horizon from the top left to the right border.
  3. When you release the mouse button, Photoshop Elements straightens the image relative to the line you’ve just drawn.
  4. In the toolbox, select the Crop tool (crop-tool.jpg). Drag a cropping rectangle inside the image, which is now displayed at an angle, being careful not to include any of the gray area around the photo. When you’re satisfied with the crop, click the green Commit button in the lower right corner of the cropping rectangle.
  5. The straightened and cropped image is much more comfortable to look at than the tilted original. Choose File > Save As. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to your My CIB Work folder. Disable the Save in Version Set with Original option, choose JPEG from the Format menu, name the file 08_01_Straight.jpg, and then click Save.
  6. Click OK in the JPEG Options dialog box to accept the default settings.
  7. Choose File > Close to close the file.
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