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Repairing and Retouching Images in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

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Learn how to use the Straighten tool, remove red eyes in the Organizer, retouch skin with the Healing Brush tool, repair creases with the Clone Stamp tool, use the Selection Brush tool and mask parts of an image.

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Removing red eye in the Organizer

The red eye effect is caused by the reflection of the camera’s flash from the subject’s retinas. You’ll see it more often when taking pictures in a darkened room, because the subject’s pupils are then wide open.

You can have Photoshop Elements automatically fix red eyes as part of the import process (see the sidebar “Automatically Fixing Red Eyes” in Lesson 2). Lesson 6 discusses the tools available in the Editor for fixing red eye effects (see “Using automatic Red Eye Fix in the Editor” and “Using the Red Eye Removal tool” in Lesson 6).

For this exercise you’ll fix the problem without even leaving the Organizer. You can use a menu command to remove the red eye effect from one or more selected photos while viewing them in the Photo Browser.

  1. In the Organizer, click the Find box next to the Lesson 8 keyword tag.
  2. In the Photo Browser, click to select the file 08_02.jpg, a picture of a startled child staring straight into the camera. If you don’t see the filenames below the thumbnails in the Photo Browser, choose View > Show File Names.
  3. In the Fix panel of the Task pane, click the Auto Red Eye Fix button. If you prefer to use a menu command, choose Edit > Auto Red Eye Fix. Both commands trigger the same process.

    A progress window will appear displaying the progress of the red eye fix.

    When the fix is complete, the Auto Fix Red Eye dialog box may appear informing you that a version set was created. Version sets are identified by the version set icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail. (See the illustration on the next page.)

  4. Click OK, to close the Auto Red Eye Fix Complete dialog box.
  5. If it’s not still selected, click to select the image 08_02.jpg in the Photo Browser. To view the results in the Editor, click the Editor button located near the top right corner of the Organizer window and choose Full Edit from the menu. Alternatively, click the Full Edit button in the Fix panel of the Task pane.
  6. In the Editor, click the Zoom tool (zoom-tool.jpg) in the toolbox. Select the Zoom In mode for the tool in the tool options bar, and then click the photo to view the results of the Auto Fix Red Eye fix. The red has been removed from the child’s eyes.
  7. Choose File > Close to close the file and return to the Organizer.
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