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Embedding Live Data in Dreamweaver CS4 with Spry Data Sets

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If you use Dreamweaver to build your websites, you could undoubtedly make a nice list of its very useful features. Prior to the CS4 version, however, maintaining websites that required frequent updates wouldn't have been on that list. David Karlins shows how to use a new feature in Dreamweaver CS4 to update your web content with live data - automatically.

Phase 2: Populate the Database Table

Next in this process is populating the table with field names (column headings) and data. Here your process and mine will diverge slightly, so adapt the following steps to accommodate your own data:

  1. Enter column headings (field names) in the top row of the table. In Figure 2, I've entered the column headings Title, Length, Image, and Summary to accommodate a video library database.
    Figure 2

    Figure 2 Field names appear in the top row of the table.

  2. Populate the Spry Data Source table with information for your database, using a separate row for each item (see Figure 3).
    Figure 3

    Figure 3 Entering individual records in a Spry Data Source table.

  3. Before moving on, save your web page with the updated table. This will serve as your Spry Data Set.
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