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Getting Started and Getting to Know the Workflow of Adobe After Effects CS4

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Learn the how to get started and the basic workflow of Adobe After Effects CS4, including how to create a project and import footage, create compositions and arrange layers, navigate the Adobe After Effects interface, use the Project, Composition, and Timeline panels, apply basic keyframes and effects, preview your work using standard and RAM preview, customize the workspace, adjust preferences related to the workspace, and find additional resources for using After Effects.

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Adobe After Effects CS4 Classroom in a Book

Adobe After Effects CS4 Classroom in a Book


Additional resources

Adobe After Effects CS4 Classroom in a Book is not meant to replace documentation that comes with the program. This book explains only the commands and options actually used in the lessons, so there’s much more to learn about After Effects. Classroom in a Book aims to give you confidence and skills so that you can start creating your own projects. For more comprehensive information about program features, see:

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 Community Help, which you can view by choosing Help > After Effects Help. Community Help is an integrated online environment of instruction, inspiration, and support. It includes custom search of expert-selected, relevant content on and off Adobe.com. Community Help combines content from Adobe Help, Support, Design Center, Developer Connection, and Forums—along with great online community content so that users can easily find the best and most up-to-date resources. Access tutorials, technical support, online product help, videos, articles, tips and techniques, blogs, examples, and much more.
  • Adobe After Effects CS4 Product Support Center, where you can find and browse support and learning content on Adobe.com. Visit www.adobe.com/support/aftereffects/.
  • Adobe TV, where you will find programming on Adobe products, including a channel for professional photographers and a How To channel that contains hundreds of movies on After Effects CS4 and other products across the Adobe Creative Suite 4 lineup. Visit http://tv.adobe.com/.

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