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Type in Real World Adobe InDesign CS4

Chapter Description

InDesign offers a number of improvements and surprises in the area of typesetting. It’s an evolutionary product, not a revolutionary one, but, on its release, InDesign became the best desktop typesetting program, and raised the bar for its competition.

Filling and Stroking Characters

InDesign can fill or stroke text as it can any other path. Once you’ve selected text (you can use the Selection tool to select unlinked text frames), you can set the fill color, stroke color, stroke weight, stroke type, and stroke alignment (see Figure 4-28).

Figure 4-28

Figure 4-28 Character Fill and Stroke

You can apply gradients to the fill and stroke of the type without converting the type to outlines. However, while gradients are easy to apply, it’s not always easy to get the effect you’re looking for, because gradients are based on the bounds of the text frame. If you want to change the gradient, select the text and drag the Gradient Swatch tool over it. (See Chapter 5, “Drawing,” for more on gradients.)

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