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Using Camera Raw 5.0

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Raw-format photography is now a fairly common technique used by photographers of all skill levels to ensure maximum image quality and a higher level of editing latitude. Many digital cameras today shoot raw—even small pocket cameras. For this reason, understanding how to process raw files is more important than ever so you can properly evaluate your workflow.

Adjusting Multiple Images

To adjust multiple images in the Camera Raw dialog, select more than one image in Adobe Bridge. The images will appear as thumbnails down the left side of the Camera Raw dialog (Figure 4.64). You can click between the thumbnails to view and adjust each image individually, or use the same keys as in Bridge to select multiple thumbnails. When multiple thumbnails are selected, a blue border appears around the thumbnail that's currently being viewed, and any changes made to the sliders in Camera Raw will affect all the selected images.

Figure 4.64

Figure 4.64 Multiple images appear as thumbnails in Camera Raw. (©2008 Dan Ablan.)

The Synchronize button above the thumbnail area presents a dialog that allows you to copy some of the settings from the image you're currently viewing and apply them to all the selected images.

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