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Object Styles in Adobe InDesign CS4

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Text isn’t the only element that makes up an InDesign layout, nor is it the only asset in a project to which you can assign multiple attributes. Frames, shapes, and strokes—collectively known as objects—potentially have at least as many attributes as text.

Similarities Between Object Styles and Text Styles

In many ways, object styles are merely an extension of paragraph and character styles, exhibiting much of the same behavior and controlled by similar means. For example:

  • Object styles have a dedicated panel, and the Control panel contains an Object Style icon and an object style drop-down menu.
  • When an object is selected while a new object style is created, the selected object’s attributes are used as the basis for the style definition.
  • Control-clicking/right-clicking an object style name in the panel menu displays a context menu from which you can choose Edit YourStyleName without accidentally applying the style.
  • Copying a styled object from one document to another adds the style to the destination document. Similarly, you can load object styles from other documents by choosing Load Object Styles from the panel menu. If an incoming object style includes paragraph styles as its attribute, those paragraph styles (and any character styles defined within them via nesting or GREP) are also added to the destination document.
  • Object styles can be organized into Style Groups (see Chapter 11, “Style Management”).
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