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Mapping Artwork onto 3D Effects in Illustrator CS4

Article Description

If you're not using Illustrator's 3D effects, you're missing out on some exciting possibilities. David Karlins, author of Adobe Illustrator CS4 HOW-TOs: 100 Essential Techniques, shows some of the cool projects you can create with these effects - particularly how to map (attach) artwork to a rotated 3D effect, in this case literally painting a map of the world onto a sphere.

What Can You Do Next?

At this point, we've accomplished a great deal and opened the door to even more possibilities. If you're envisioning copying this 3D effect into Flash and animating a revolving globe, or creating a sequence of a dozen globes in various stages of rotation, or thinking about a reusable 3D global map for a variety of illustration projects, you're just beginning to play with the possibilities opened up by your 3D globe with its mapped Platte-Carrée projection.