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Flash Essentials for After Effects Users

Classic Animation

Classic Animation

Now you’ll look at the way all Flash animation was done prior to Flash CS4. When Adobe developers created a new workflow, they wisely left the old technique in the application to allow backwards compatibility.

  1. Move the playhead to frame 1 and select another plane.
  2. Right-click frame 30 in that plane’s layer and select Insert Keyframe.
  3. Right-click the plane’s start keyframe (frame 1) and select Create Classic Tween.
  4. Move the playhead to frame 30. Then move the plane to a new location and press Return (Enter) to play the animation.
  5. Flash indicates a classic tween by placing a black arrow between the tween’s keyframes.

Classic tweening involves more Timeline manipulation than the newer method. We like it because it forces us to explicitly add keyframes, so we really have to think about what we’re doing. On the other hand, that can get tedious. So sometimes we prefer the new (more After Effects-like) method in which you just right-click a movie clip, choose Create Motion Tween, and then adjust the movie clip on the Stage.

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