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Flash Essentials for After Effects Users

Timeline Editing

Timeline Editing

You’re probably tired of all your tweens only lasting 30 frames. Never fear: Lengthening a tween is as simple as dragging with your mouse.

  1. Continue working in the same file or open Classic_tween_done.fla from the Chapter_02 Project Files folder. To extend a tween, drag the end of its range to the right. Try this with a jet layer. (You can drag it to its left to shorten the animation, making it run faster).
  2. Notice that when you expand or contract a tween’s range, its keyframes move so that they always keep the same amount of relative space between each other. This is a great feature unless it’s not what you want.

  3. Shift-drag the end of a range to lengthen it without adjusting previously added keyframe positions. After doing this, your animation’s range will be longer, but its keyframes will remain in place.
  4. Move the playhead to the new end of the range and adjust the position of the movie clip on the Stage. This will add a new keyframe.
  5. Extend the map layer, the text layers, and the previously animated ships and planes so that they exist as long as the layer you just extended. You can extend layers by dragging their final frames or by right-clicking the frame you want to extend to and selecting the Insert Frame option from the context menu.
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