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Brush Basics in Illustrator 8

  • Date: Mar 1, 1999.

To expand a brushstroke:

original brushstroke
Fig. 1 The original brushstroke on an object.

Expand dbox
Fig. 2 Check only the Object or Stroke box in the Expand dialog box.

brushstroke as object
Fig. 3 The brushstroke is now an object, separate from the original path (they were ungrouped and moved away from each other for this illustration).


If you expand a brushstroke, it is converted into an ordinary object. If you then change the original brush, you won't have the option to update the brushstroke on the object.

  1. Select the brushstroked object (Figure 1).

  2. Choose Object menu > Expand.

  3. Check the Object or Stroke option and uncheck the Fill option (Figure 2).

  4. Click OK (Return/Enter). The brushstroke is now a separate object or objects (Figure 3). Choose Object menu > Ungroup to separate the brushstroke object from the original path.

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