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Painter 5 Wow! Gallery

  • Date: Apr 1, 1999.

Debi Lee Mandel


A VERSATILE DESIGNER AND FINE ARTIST, Debi Lee Mandel designed and illustrated Campsite (below) and Hearth (top), two screens for the DuraFlame Web site. She began the images by sketching in Painter with a custom "indigo-color crayon" (based on the Waxy Crayon variant) on a black background. Both screens incorporate animations. Mandel began by painting elements for the animations (the comet and fire in Campsite, and the fire in Hearth) using Painter's frame stacks. When she was happy with the progression, she exported the animations from Painter 4 as QuickTime movies, then she used GIF Builder to resave the movies as GIF animations. (With Painter 5, you can export frame stacks directly to GIF animations.)

camp fire 1camp fire 2


After completing the crayon drawing for Campsite, Mandel painted crisp-edged brushstrokes using flat color. To build up deep color saturation, she used custom Oil Paint brushes with oval-shaped tips for a calligraphic feel.

To complete Hearth, Mandel smoothed the crayon drawing with the Just Add Water variant. She used a custom Water Color brush with an oval tip to lay in large, loose areas of color, then she switched to a smaller brush to add details. When she was satifised with the watercolor, she dried the image (Canvas, Dry). Then she added deeper color and more detail using her own custom Oil Paint brushes.

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