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Painter 5 Wow! Gallery

  • Date: Apr 1, 1999.


  1. Painter 5 Wow! Gallery
  2. Debi Lee Mandel
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UPN site

TO BUILD THE IMAGES FOR the UPN Web site, Hugo Hidalgo used Painter's brushes, special effects and image map features.

He began the opening screen (top) by scanning a black-and-white photograph of an Art Deco building. He cut the top off the building to make room for the glowing logo that was to come. He cloned the photo (File, Clone) and after deleting the contents from the clone, he used Tracing Paper to make a drawing with the Pencil brushes. Then, he cloned portions of the photo into the drawing. He applied tints to his image using the Wet layer and the Simple Water Watercolor brushes. Then he used various Airbrushes to add atmosphere. Hidalgo built the logos for the screen in separate source files.

He set type shapes and drew Bézier shape paths to build the Telescape and Info logo outlines, and added realism to both logos with various Airbrushes; Effects, Apply Surface Texture; and Apply Lighting. When the logos were complete, he copied each one and pasted it into the final screen image.

Taking advantage of Painter's ability to make an image map definition file, Hidalgo created two links for the opening screen image, making the Telescape and Site Info logo floaters into hot spots (clickable regions). Using the Rectangular Shape tool, he dragged a shape around each logo to define the bounding box of the button, and entered the appropriate URL information into the Floater Attributes dialog box for each region.

The Telescape Lobby (below), can be reached by clicking on the Telescape button on the opening screen. Hidalgo used the same techniques he used to build the opening screen to create the Telescape Lobby image and other rooms in the site. Check out the UPN site at www.upn.com.

UPN lobby

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