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Real-World Solutions with Adobe Technology: Health Care e-Form

Chapter Description

In this chapter, you will meet a doctor and the IT staff of a regional hospital and learn how they replaced piles of paperwork with their new paperless systems.
The Results

The Results

The following are some of the results that doctors have achieved with the Janus OS:

  • Reduced paperwork by using the data provided by the facesheet to automatically complete various other documents
  • Reduced support staff because more of the documentation and ordering is automated
  • Faster and easier pharmacy and lab ordering through process automation

By improving the capabilities of mobile doctors, other savings can be realized for the overall medical system. Dr. Bayne notes that, “67 percent of new house-call patients would have called 911 or gone to the ER if we had not come, suggesting a huge cost savings to the system.” A house-call clinician can replace a $1,200 ambulance ride and a $6,000 emergency room visit with a $150 paperless visit. Also, various studies have shown that house calls can reduce Medicare program administration costs by substantial margins.

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