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Real-World Solutions with Adobe Technology: Health Care e-Form

Chapter Description

In this chapter, you will meet a doctor and the IT staff of a regional hospital and learn how they replaced piles of paperwork with their new paperless systems.
The Server

The Server

As you read in the case study, the forms in the Janus system use many of the same dynamic document techniques you saw demonstrated in previous chapters. This is also true for the forms in use at St. Vincent’s. Therefore, let’s focus on some interesting aspects of the LiveCycle ES server that contribute to the functionality of these two paperless systems.

One of the most important features of LiveCycle ES is its ability to create customized documents at runtime. In the following sections, you will learn about a few different LiveCycle operations and services that are used for document creation. Once you understand the basics of these services, you will be able to customize them with other LiveCycle services and incorporate your own programming to build automated paperless solutions.

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