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Five Best New Features of Adobe® After Effects® CS5

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Rob Birnholz and Ian Robinson, contributing authors to Motion Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Studio Techniques, take a break to discuss their top five favorite new features of Adobe After Effects CS5. Whether you use After Effects for hard-core compositing or you’re a designer looking to push your projects to the next level, there’s something new for everyone.
4. FreeformAE

4. FreeformAE

This is one filter we've been recommending for years, and now anyone who uses CS5 will have its power at their disposal. Previously sold for $300 as a third party plug in, FreeformAE from Digieffects now comes bundled free with After Effects CS5. If you’ve ever tried to actually bend or twist a layer in true 3D space, you should be excited about FreeformAE. Freeform essentially maps any layer onto a mesh, which you can then push, pull or twist in true 3D space. With its powerful and easy-to-use displacement features, FreeformAE can make images flutter like fabric, extrude and bend into 3D shapes, twist into strands of DNA, or crunch up into balls like discarded pieces of paper. It interacts completely with After Effects' own cameras and lighting, making it a truly unique addition to your After Effects Toolkit.

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