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Adobe Fireworks CS5: A Rock-Solid Contender

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Jim Babbage, coauthor of Adobe Fireworks CS5 Classroom in a Book, reports on some of the many changes in the newest version of Fireworks, with particular emphasis on mobile design and efficiency improvements.

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Snap to Pixel Capability

Snap to Pixel Capability

You can almost sum up Fireworks CS5 with the soon-to-be-overused phrase "pixel-perfect precision." In fact, many of the features I've already mentioned fall into the category of pixel precision:

  • Precise positioning and constraining of proportions in the Properties panel
  • Controlling gradient direction in the Gradient Editor
  • Typography enhancements
  • Stroke alignment
  • Compound Shape tool capabilities

On top of all that, a new command can help to clean up any blurry edges on vector artwork. It's relatively easy to get annoying blurred edges on straight vector lines. It can happen when scaling, repositioning, or even changing stroke widths. Changes like these can place a vector edge on the half pixel, rather than a whole pixel, causing Fireworks to anti-alias the edge, making it soft rather than sharp and crisp.

The Snap to Pixel command (Modify > Snap to Pixel) makes this issue a thing of the past. It allows you to align your artwork on exact pixel boundaries. You also can control how art will look when rendered on various devices, rather than leaving those devices to determine what to do if they don't support sub-pixel rendering.

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