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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium How-Tos: Collecting Data in Forms

Chapter Description

This chapter explains how to design two kinds of forms: forms that manage data in the browser (client-side) and forms that connect to scripts at a server (server-side).

#25 Generating Forms

Form data is collected using different kinds of form fields. Text is entered into text boxes or text areas. Options can be selected from sets of radio buttons. Data can be uploaded using file fields. Forms are submitted (or cleared) using Submit (or Reset) buttons.

To create a form in an open Web page in Dreamweaver, simply click to place the location of the form and choose Insert > Form > Form. The form displays as a dashed red box. The Properties inspector displays the form name.

Make sure you have clicked inside the form before you add any form fields (Figure 25a).

Figure 25a

Figure 25a A form placed on a page in Dreamweaver.

To activate prompts for accessibility options in forms, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Dreamweaver > Preferences (Mac) and select the Accessibility category. Select the Form objects check box if it is not already selected. With form accessibility options activated, Dreamweaver prompts you with the Input Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog when you insert a form field into a form. The accessibility options allow visitors to fill out the form without using a mouse, or if they are relying on reader software, to have an identifying label read to them.

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