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Creating Cuts-only Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

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This excerpt from Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to use the Trim panel, the Ripple Edit tool, and move clips on the Timeline using the Source Monitor or keyboard modifiers to build your cuts-only video.

Adjusting clips in the Trim panel

The Trim panel is a useful tool. Its value is its large preview monitors, precise controls, and informative timecode displays. You will find that the editing tool icon changes automatically depending on its position in the panel.

  1. Continue with the Lesson 05-07.prproj project.
  2. Place the current-time indicator at the edit point between the last two clips in Sequence 01.
  3. Choose Window > Trim Monitor (or press the T keyboard shortcut).

    The Trim Monitor opens.

  4. Hover the pointer over the left preview screen until it turns into a left-facing Ripple Edit pointer.
  5. Trim the right edge of clip (the Out point) by dragging it left to about one second (watch the Out Shift timecode below the center of the left preview screen).
  6. Use the same method to trim the right clip’s In point to the right to about one second (use the In Shift timecode beneath the center of the right preview screen).
  7. Click the precision trimming tools—the –1 and +1 numbers—to trim or lengthen the clips one frame at a time until you have the exact edit point you want.
  8. Click the Play Edit button in the Trim Monitor to review your work.
  9. Hover the pointer between the two preview screens. It turns into the Rolling Edit tool.
  10. Drag the Rolling Edit tool left and right to change the Out and In points of the left and right clips, respectively. Notice how both clips move and the clips are in sync.
  11. Close the Trim panel by clicking the Close button in its upper-right corner.
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