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Managing Your Projects in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5


  1. Getting started
  2. Project menu overview
  3. Using the Project Manager
  4. Importing projects or sequences

Article Description

This excerpt from Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to use the Project Manager, a slick project-management tool that reduces a project’s storage size and consolidates the files associated with a project.

Importing projects or sequences

It is helpful to be able to use one Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 project in another. You can save hours of time by importing a project, or a portion of a project, into a new project.

  1. Load Lesson 17-2.prproj.

    You want to import the twirling newspaper sequence you created in Lesson 16 and add it to this project.

  2. Choose File > Import, navigate to the Lesson 16 folder, and select Lesson 16-3.prproj. Click Open.

    The Import Project dialog opens.

  3. Selecting the Import Entire Project option will do as it suggests. In this case, you just want the twirling newspaper sequence, not the entire project, so select Import Selected Sequences and click OK.

    The Import Premiere Pro Sequence dialog opens, displaying all the sequences available in the imported project.

  4. Choose the “completed” sequence, and click OK.

    A new bin appears in the Project panel with the name of the imported project. Expand this bin, and you will notice it has the completed sequence and associated clips you requested, but it also imported the nested complete sequence, which you did not request. Adobe Premiere Pro analyzed the request and determined that the nested complete sequence was also required because it was nested inside the complete sequence.

  5. Drag the completed sequence to the Timeline and play it to see that the imported sequence plays as expected.