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Using the Roto Brush tool in Adobe After Effects CS5

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This excerpt from Adobe After Effects CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to use the new Roto Brush tool in After Effects CS5, which is much faster than conventional rotoscoping, and for movies with complex backgrounds, much easier than keying.

Animating text

To complete the logo, you’ll add the organization’s name.

  1. Select the Horizontal Type tool from the Tools panel.
  2. In the Character panel, select the following settings:
    • Font Family: Arial
    • Font Style: Bold
    • Fill Color: Black
    • Font Size: 48 px
  3. In the Paragraph panel, make sure Left Align Text is selected.
  4. In the Composition panel, click an insertion point to the right of the flamingo logo, and type the following, pressing Enter or Return between each line:
  5. Select the Text 1 layer in the Timeline panel, and press the P key to display the Position property. Change the Position value to 365, 97.
  6. Go to 2:05, and press Alt+[ (Windows) or Option+[ (Mac OS) to trim the In point of the Casa Luna Wildlife Sanctuary layer.

    You have the text in position. Now you’ll apply an animation preset to it.

  7. Click the Effects & Presets tab to bring the panel forward. In the panel’s search box, type Fade Up Lines. Then double-click the Fade Up Lines preset to apply it to the text layer.

    The default timing for this preset takes too long for this project. You’ll adjust the Range Selector 1 Start keyframe.

  8. With the Casa Luna Wildlife Sanctuary layer selected in the Timeline panel, press the U key to reveal the layer’s keyframes.
  9. Drag the end keyframe for the Range Selector 1 Start property to 3:05. (You may need to scroll to the right to see the end keyframe in the Timeline panel.)

    Now you need to ensure that the text layer follows the Logo layer. You’ll use parenting to keep the two in sync.

  10. Go to 2:00. In the Casa Luna Wildlife Sanctuary layer, choose 3. Logo from the Parent pop-up menu.
  11. Save your work so far.
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