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Painting with the Mixer Brush in Adobe Photoshop CS5

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This excerpt from Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to customize brush settings, clean the brush, mix colors, create a custom brush preset, and use wet and dry brushes to blend color.

Creating a custom brush preset

Photoshop includes numerous brush presets, which are very handy. But if you need to tweak a brush for your project, you might find it easier to create your own preset. You’ll create a brush preset to use in the following exercise.

  1. In the Brush panel, select the following settings:
    • Size: 36 px
    • Shape: Round Fan
    • Bristles: 25%
    • Length: 25%
    • Thickness: 1%
    • Stiffness: 87%
    • Angle: 0%
    • Spacing: 2%
  2. Choose New Brush Preset from the Brush panel menu.
  3. Name the brush Landscape, and click OK.
  4. Click Brush Presets in the Brush panel to open the Brush Presets panel.

The Brush Presets panel displays samples of the strokes created by different brushes. If you know which brush you want to use, it can be easier to find by name. You’ll list them by name now, so you can find your preset for the next exercise.

  1. Choose Large List from the Brush Presets panel menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list. The preset you created, named Landscape, is the last preset in the list.
  3. Close the 11Palette_working.psd file.
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