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Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore CS5

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Getting started

DVDs are a tremendous media delivery platform. Their images and videos are full-screen (including 16:9 wide-screen), the audio quality is good, and they are interactive. Simply click a menu button to jump immediately to a video, a scene, or behind-the-scenes stills.

Creating these interactive DVDs, with all their menus and buttons, used to take a Hollywood feature-film budget and expensive hardware. With Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore, you can create professional-looking DVDs on your computer in minutes.

Adobe Encore is now included with Adobe Premiere Pro and has a collection of customizable DVD menu templates with backgrounds and buttons—static or animated. If you like, you can even use your own images or videos as backgrounds.

Adobe Encore CS5 takes DVD authoring much further than previous versions. You can use Adobe Encore to create standard-definition (SD) DVDs or high-definition (HD) Blu-ray Discs, and you can even output your DVD project to Flash.

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