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Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore CS5

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This excerpt from Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book shows you how to create professional-looking DVDs on your computer in minutes.

Adding Adobe Encore chapter markers to the Timeline

Once you have finished editing a video in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can add Encore chapter markers to the Timeline to denote chapters for the final DVD. You can move, remove, and add markers at any time in the sequence.

  1. Open Lesson 21-1.prproj, and open Sequence 01 if it is not already open. You will be exporting this short video project to an autoplay DVD with no menus. But first you’ll add a chapter marker so users can click ahead with the DVD remote.
  2. To place an Adobe Encore chapter marker, position the current-time indicator where you want the marker to be, and then click the Set Encore Chapter Marker button (located near the top left of the Timeline). Place the marker at the beginning of the third clip (about 00;00;14;01 on the Timeline).
  3. Name this chapter marker Lightning. Click OK.
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