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Authoring DVDs with Adobe Encore CS5

Creating an autoplay DVD

Next, you’ll create an autoplay DVD that will begin playing your movie automatically when a user plays the disc in a DVD player.

  1. Choose File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Send to Encore. Adobe Encore launches.
  2. Name the disc Auto Play DVD, and choose the Lesson 21 folder for the location.
  3. Select DVD as the authoring mode.
  4. Click OK.

    Encore opens with the Adobe Premiere Pro sequence you selected in the Encore Project panel. This also creates an Encore Timeline of the same name.

  5. Double-click the Timeline object in the Encore Project panel, which opens a Timeline panel in Encore and a monitor window so you can preview the video. Play or scrub the video to see it is the sequence you exported from Adobe Premiere Pro.

    This video sequence is loaded into Adobe Encore via Dynamic Link. This technology allows Encore to play the Adobe Premiere Pro sequence without first having to render it anywhere. To demonstrate that this link is dynamic, you’ll now make a change to the Adobe Premiere Pro sequence and see that it is reflected immediately in Encore.

  6. Switch from Adobe Encore to Adobe Premiere Pro.
  7. Choose Effects > Video Effects > Image Control, and drag the Black & White filter to the first clip on the Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline.
  8. Do not save the Adobe Premiere Pro project after you make this change. Switch back to Encore, and play the Timeline. You will see that the change you made appears in Encore without rendering or even saving the project.

    To complete the creation of an autoplay DVD, you need to set a couple of parameters, and then you’ll be ready to burn the DVD.

  9. Select the Sequence 01/Lesson 21-01 Timeline object in the Project panel; notice the End Action on the Properties panel is Not Set. This means the DVD will not know what to do when the Timeline finishes playing. Set the Timeline to stop after playing by setting End Action to Stop. If the End Action is not set to Stop, Encore will warn you to set the end action when checking the project for errors.
  10. A DVD player must also know what to do if the Title button is pressed on the DVD remote. Set this by clicking a blank area of the Project panel. The properties of the disc now appear in the Properties panel. Set Title Button to Sequence 01/Lesson 21-1 by using the Pickwhip tool to select the Timeline object in the Project panel.
  11. Choose File > Build > Disc.
  12. You can adjust several settings in the Build panel. Typically you will leave them at the defaults to burn your DVD. Check that you have the correct DVD recorder selected if you have more than one burner in your system, and give the project an appropriate name. Click Build to start burning your DVD.
  13. If there are errors in your project, Adobe Encore will prompt you with a dialog letting you know where they are so you can correct them before burning the disc. If there are no errors in your project, Adobe Encore will burn your DVD and alert you when it is complete. Leave the Encore project open; you will use it in the next exercise.
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