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Review Your InDesign Document with Others Using CS Review

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Learn how to utilize Adobe CS Review, a free online service that enables you to start reviews from Creative Suite software. Author Brian Wood shows you how to share reviews with others, get feedback, and make changes within a program such as Adobe InDesign.

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Share the Review with Others

Share the Review with Others

Now that the review is live on Acrobat.com, you need to share it with others so that they can have a look and make comments on the document as necessary. There are several ways to start the invitation process—either within InDesign in the CS Review panel or on the Acrobat.com website. Next, you’ll invite people to the review starting within InDesign:

  1. In the CS Review panel, click the Share button in the lower-left corner of the CS Review panel (see Figure 6). If there were more than one review listed, you would want to select the review first in the list, but you currently only have one.
  2. Figure 6 Start sharing the review from within InDesign.

    This takes you online to Acrobat.com and opens the review. It also opens a pop-up in the lower–left corner of the browser window.

  3. Click Share It with Individuals (see Figure 7). This allows you to share the review with multiple reviewers that each have an Adobe ID (free) with which to sign in.
  4. Figure 7 Continue the sharing process on Acrobat.com.

  5. The Share dialog box appears. Here is where can you enter the email for each reviewer (separated by commas), the subject of the invite, and a message in the email body if you like (see Figure 8). Ultimately, this will generate an email that will be sent off to each reviewer by the Acrobat.com system. In the Share dialog box, you will also notice the More Options link in the lower–left corner. Clicking this link will let you limit who can share the review with others (see Figure 9). Click Share to send an email to each reviewer.
  6. Figure 8 Invite reviewers.

    Figure 9 Edit more options before sending the email.

  7. After inviting reviewers, you will see them listed along the bottom of the browser window in the review. Hovering over each reviewer allows you to do things like invite them to the review again, or email them directly (maybe for a helpful “nudge”) (see Figure 10).
  8. Figure 10 See reviewer information.

Figure 11 An example of an email that reviewers will receive.

Figure 12 An example web page that reviewers will see in order to log in.

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